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Baja: The Adventure of La Tortuga y Amigos


This post is quite different than the usual write-up of our weekend missions into the Rockies or desert of Utah. I am head south, way south.

What started as a half-brained idea over a few beers transpired into a magical journey down the Baja peninsula. Mitch and I had owned and operated our bikes for slightly shy of a year by the time we departed. The learning curve wasn’t without a few crashes and hesitations. Shortly after purchase Mitch jacked up his hand ruining his golf career for the summer. In my one year of bike ownership I had made it without any crashes luckily, but for those of you that know me I’ve had my history of crashes. Most remarkably a battle to the death head-on with our primate ancestors in Thailand resulting in one shattered radius, five screws and a metal plate.

Even with our previous track record Jeff, who has ridden some sort of bike since he was a little kid, jumped at the opportunity to join this adventure. After spit-balling a few ideas of routes such as Utah/CO, the PCH, etc. we mutually settled on Baja. It had the exotic allure of a 2nd world country riddled with miles of open desert roads, fish tacos, and beachside camping.

Despite our friends and families concerns of drug cartel issues we had done our homework and to us it seemed like a perfectly viable option. We had purchased maps and books and spent the winter months building out and getting the bikes ready for an overland adventure. The lineup was as follows:

  • Jeff: 2015 Triumph Scrambler aka Mr. Pickles
  • Justin: 2006 Yamaha XT 225 aka MonkeySlayer (who was renamed during the trip as La Tortuga)
  • Mitch: 2007 Kawasaki KLR 650 aka TBD as she likes to remain mysterious