HOT and SANDY, with a chance of SNOW

How do you describe the senses and smells one would encounter on a multi-month motorcycle road-trip through the Americas starting in Colorado and ending in Argentina. The elements we are to encounter will range from sunny and tropical to cold and arid as we reach some of the highest mountain ranges in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the driest points on earth. While we were doing last minute preparations in the final hour we began discussing trip names, and our buddy Ben said it best…”HOT and SANDY, with a chance of SNOW”. It was the perfect description!

Over the course of this road-trip we hope to dive the uncharted reefs of the Caribbean and explore the beaches of the Pacific, hike the volcanoes of Guatemala and the Andes of Chile, and soak in the culture, the people, and the delicious eats. Cause of this we have no set route, just a departure point and a direction of South! Follow along…


Justin in Thailand Post-op

I am no stranger to travel, short-term or long-term. It has been a part of who I am for as long as I could remember thanks to my mom and dad. Fueled by the passion I’ve done several multi-month trips including nine months through Southeast Asia, three months through South America, and six months in New Zealand. Even with all of my past travel experience this trip excites me more than any other. It is going to be raw and rugged, requiring me to be 100% self-sufficient. It is going to push me outside my comfort zone.



My buddy introduced me to a blog 3 years ago of two gentleman riding their motocycles from Alaska to Argentina, at that point I was hooked! Within 2 months I had bought a motorcycle and took my motorcycle license exam – I was ready to go!  Next step was riding our bikes down through the Baja, easing ourselves in. The Baja trip was a great introduction to the overland motorcycle world, but it felt a bit rushed. The sights I saw, the people I met, all inspired me to keep moving forward. Returning home, I stepped back into the Corporate world but things just weren’t the same… I had to get back on the bike!



Justin and I cofounded elevationUpgrade several years back to log our hikes and adventures, and my big South American journey in 2015. I will continue to help the guys with the blog remotely. I have been passionate for the outdoors (backpacking and mountaineering) for as long as I can remember – instilled early in my childhood by my mother. I am without a doubt, a gear snob and enjoy researching and learning about all the latest gear technology. When not experiencing the outdoors, I work in Denver as an IT Systems Engineer.


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