" May 2017 "


Honduras: Jungle, Pirates, and Great Diving

Honduras, outside of 3 (maybe 4) spots regularly visited by backpackers, doesn’t have the best reputation. Ever since Baja, we’ve heard stories of corruption and extortion, with one crazy Ex-Pat even telling us how he’d been completely displaced from his retirement property by the cartel. HOW COULD WE POSSIBLY PASS ON ALL THIS FUN?! Copan Ruins would be our first stop, followed by a long drive up to the Caribbean coast to take advantage of one of the CHEAPEST places in the world for diving, Utila, and to visit a pirate legend in Sambo Creek.  As always, there would be quite certainly some other adventures along the way.

Getting out of El Salvador was almost as easy as crossing into Mexico (where we literally drove across what seemed like an imaginary line). We got stamped out, traded some dollars for lempiras (24 to 1) and were on our merry way. Then we got to the Honduran side…immigration was fine, we paid $35, and got stamped into the country…but then we had to import the bikes. We thought we were in the clear when we pulled up to Aduana and were the only ones there. NOPE, the guy took over 2 hours to process us in! GOD BLESS! Redressed and ready to leave the last check point to freedom we were stopped!! Apparently during the 2 hour process the dipshit wrote down Justin’s VIN # incorrectly. Back to Aduana it was. This time with a rather long line. At least Justin has continued to be one of the tallest members of society!