" March 2017 "


Guatemala Part 1: Hello Rain, Nice to Meet You

The road was as slick as snot from the past three days of nonstop rain but it was time to man up and ride through it (plus we really had no other option as our lease was up on the AirBnB). The dirt had turned to a thick pasty clay providing zero traction for our tired and worn tires, but with a break in the rain and our gear (all slightly damp) loaded we decide to make a run for it…Guatemala here we come!! We had big things planned…Tikal, Semuc Champey and Zephyr Lodge, Spanish School in Xela, as well as some friends and family visiting…Guatemala, you better not disappoint!



Belize: A Vacation From Our Vacation

For weeks (well months) we’ve heard it time and time again…”How the hell are you Boys still in Mexico?” Friends from the road have blast past us time traveling to Nicaragua or Columbia before we’d even left Mexico and its abundance of tacos and tortas. It was hard to leave but our time had come. We officially left Mexico after 100+ days of epic riding, one burnt clutch, 2 cases of Salmonella, incredible diving, 1 near-death experience, and a life time worth of adventures and new friends. Satisfied, yet sad, we busted south to the Belize border!

We’d heard conflicting reports about how much of a pain in the ass the border crossing was but in reality it was straight forward and simple. We headed directly to the Mexican border in Chetumal, got stamped out of Mexico, cancelled our Mexican vehicle import papers, and headed down the road into Belize! The first stop was tire fumigation, which we accidentally drove through setting off the sensor giving Justin a nice shower of pesticides. Next up was getting stamped into Belize and our bikes imported before heading to the insurance office to get the mandatory vehicle insurance. Entering Belize, we received a level of efficiency we had long forgotten existed while in Mexico, our trusty Rastafarian insurance agent had us stamped and ready to hit the streets in minutes! (more…)


Mainland Mexico Part 8: Yucatan (yes, we are almost out of Mexico)

When most people think about the Yucatan their mind brings them to the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, resort style vacationing, and hangovers that can only be shed by drinking more beers at one of the seven pools or three hot tubs.  Well, we’re not gonna lie, that’s basically what the Yucatan was for us as well…just extended.

We first dipped into the Yucatan after a long days drive from Palenque to Campeche. Campeche is a City on the Gulf of Mexico and there is either some serious drug trafficking going on here or they have a well-established oil and gas market. As soon as we strolled into town we wandered through a neighborhood that looked like it belonged in San Francisco or South Florida. Million dollar house, after million dollar house, with their own beach front property. Pretty impressive considering we hadn’t seen ANYTHING like this in all of Mexico. We clearly felt out of place! We had a good conversation with some locals and wound up finding a hotel that better fit our needs (aka cheap with 2 beds). As soon as we got settled, Justin immediately went for a stroll to see if he could find a solution to his pesky oil leak which continued to piss oil all over the asphalt. Finding a motorcycle shop within two blocks Justin abruptly said to the worker, “Tengo una fuga de aceite”. Within minutes he had diagnosed the problem and Justin and the worker sped off to buy a new o-ring for the starter for a whopping $.25. It was a quick fix that has since left La Tortuga clean and dry. Even better it only cost Justin two beers, one of which the guy slammed in the OXXO, and a coke.