" February 2017 "


Mainland Mexico Part 7: San Cristobal y Palenque

Leaving Mazunte was a bit of a heartbreaker but we either had to do that or risk spending the rest of our lives there! So we ripped outta of town like one rips a bandaid off a boo-boo, eyes closed crying like babies! San Cristobal was no easy day trip, so the Boys decided to stay a night in Tuxla before making the journey up into the mountains. Dinner was a pretty simple choice, Chili’s…”I want my baby back baby back baby”…sorry just couldn’t resist. Anyway, for some odd reason unbeknownst to man, Mitch decided to order a glass of water, not a BOTTLE of water…a GLASS of water. A little suspicious, he only decided to have one miniscule sip when the salt from his chicken fajitas had him parched…BAD IDEA! Let’s just say Mitch didn’t need an alarm clock the next morning. Feeling pretty rough, the Guys decided to stay another day before leaving Tuxla.

Already delaying the Team a day, the Boy’s decided to make the short journey to check out Cañon del Sumidero. After a short boat ride, and a few history lessons from our Skipper we were right in the middle of the Canyon – Unbelievable! Some of the cliffs rose as high as 1000 meters (or at least that is what Ol Skip told us). Either way it was a sight to be seen, the only concern we had surrounded the amount of trash in the river. Other sights included crocodilos, all sorts of birds, and a boat selling beers and Cheetos! After the tour it was time to scale the mountain and head to San Cristobal before it got dark and Mitch was left navigating the roads without a headlight.



Mainland Mexico Part 6: Oaxaca and Playa Mazunte

The Guy’s escaped Mexico City and its hellish traffic with ease. The KLR didn’t overheat and the XT’s carburetor appeared to be functioning as normal. Both bikes were officially working at peak performance after a long few days at the garage. Hallelujah!

Off we rode through the mountains towards Oaxaca with our minds set on spending the Christmas and New Year holiday soaking in the sun and enjoying the beautiful beaches of Mazunte.



Mainland Mexico Part 5: Mexico City, Concrete Jungle

Leaving Hausteca Posina was no easy task, but El Tractor was still sputtering at high speeds and needed a new clutch. Thankfully, the networking skills of the Team paid off and the Boy’s were able to successfully ship the parts from the US to a friend in Mexico City (Jorge, who they’d met in San Francisquito)…this saved a lot of time and money. Furthermore, Jorge set us up with a friend, Victor, who managed a hotel in a nice neighborhood in one of the World’s Largest Cities. Things appeared to be in perfect working order, all we had to do now was get the bike’s there…seems pretty simple, eh??

The drive into the colossal City was going smoothly until we were about 20 kilometers out. Things began to thicken like your grandma’s gravy on Thanksgiving. This was a different type of riding the Boy’s had never experienced before…6 lanes of traffic, moto’s buzzing, trucks merging, cars honking…all in the heat of the day. This was quickly turning into a nightmare! With a 60% working clutch, El Tractor tends to get a little sensitive in high traffic/high heat situations. Reaching exhaustion/complete shut-down, Mitch had to ensure that the RPM’s were high enough to avoid stalling but low enough to avoid running into the car in front of him. Trying to balance that and answer questions from the surrounding drivers…”De Donde Eres”,“Que tipo de moto es eso?” had Mitch on the verge of total mental breakdown! And on top of all of this, Mitch had to follow Justin who was weaving in and out of cars, driving on shoulders, and trying to follow the GPS…multi-tasking at its finest! Finally emerging from traffic and only a couple blocks from their destination, it started to rain/hail L. Mexico City welcomed us with a big fat middle finger… (more…)