" January 2017 "


Mainland Mexico Part 4: Huasteca Potosina, Deep in the Jungle

Exhausted from the hustle of the city we needed to get back to nature, and be immersed in the true beauty of Mexico. Most guidebooks make no mention of it or at the maximum offer one page of useless information, but Huasteca Potosina kept coming up in conversation with locals. “Oh you’re on motorcycles? You guys must go! It’s full of incredible roads, waterfalls, jungle, and turquoise rivers.”. We were sold!

Off we went up and over, through and around multiple chains of mountains. The scenery changed from barren agave farms to wet, lush, green, forests. Snaking our way through the small villages, the biggest challenge was avoiding the plethora of cows, goats, small children, and dogs that had decided that the road was the best place to take their mid-afternoon nap…C’mon MAN!



Mainland Mexico Part 3: Getting lost in Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende

Leaving Guadalajara was a breeze compared to entering. There was little to no traffic to dissect and no diesel fumes tainting the air. We cruised out of the city with ease. It was like comparing the god-awful parking lot of Sunday ski traffic on i70 to a Tuesday morning stroll. Continuing with our motto of avoiding toll roads we found ourselves weaving in and out of small villages, mountains, and agave farms. The road eventually turned to shit and was so pothole ridden and wobbly that both Mitch and Justin pulled over at separate times to check if they had a flat tire. Nope, just Mexico being Mexico again. After several long hours on the road the Boys finally closed in on Guanajuato.



Mainland Mexico Part 2: Big City Livin in Guadalajara

Next stop, Guadalajara, the second largest City in all of Mexico! The drive from Sayulita to G Town seemed easy enough, a couple of hours through the mountainous jungle and we should be enjoying a night out on the town or in Eddie’s opinion sushi! Why he wanted sushi away from the coast is beyond us, Canadians. Within the first 30 kilometers after leaving the beautiful beach town Justin’s steed starting acting a bit odd, like it had forgotten to take its morning meds…hmmm. The next thing he knew the bike had lost all power and he was going full speed down the mountain pass with no access to power. Thankfully, the breaks still had full functionality and he could safely come to halt.  Assuming the issue stemmed from a deteriorating gas cap, Justin switched the tank to reserve and hoped the unidentified objects floating in the gas tank would slip through with ease. This seemed to work…for now.



Mainland Mexico Part 1: Neuvo Amigos y Familia

Dripping in sweat and choking on semi-truck diesel fumes we unstrapped our bikes from the ferry and tried to exit, only to be blocked by a caravan of vehicles. Weaving our way in and out we finally disembarked out of the belly of the beast and into fresh air…directly into Mazatlán traffic. There were cars and people everywhere. Something we had seldom seen in the past month exploring Baja. While stopped for gas, a French Canadian on a shiny F800GS approached us, “Yo! You should head on over to The Funky Monkey hostel, I’ve been there 7 weeks. We have a pool, cold beer, and we’re located right in the heart of the City!”. Talk about a warm welcome to Mainland! We understand we often fuck up directions, but a private escort? We’ve really become high class citizens!

Off we went, back into traffic separating just as quickly as we met. La Tortuga’s turtle crawl was no match for the white night. Knowing how to get to the hostel Justin headed directly there only to find Mitch, Simone, and Gabe already in the confines of the gated parking lot. “Open the gate you fools”, Justin shouted. The guys had successfully arrived in Mazatlán and Mainland Mexico!