" December 2016 "


Baja Part 6: Whale Sharks and Ferry Rides

All of us were a bit bummed to leave the beauty, people, diving, and simplicity of Cabo Pulmo but you gotta do what you gotta do. Plus, we’d been promised that we could swim with the gentle giants known as the “Tiberon Ballena”, “Whale Sharks”, “Big Papa Plankton Eater”, or quite simply “Flavio”. We cruised back up to La Paz to stay with our excellent hosts, Frieda & Lee…did we mention we met them at an AutoZone? They were so kind to let us stay at their place, even letting Justin park his motorcycle in their living room.



Baja Part 5: Cabo Pulmo

Motoring on south out of Playa Santispac, we continued through Bahia Concepcion being treated with stunning views of the Sea of Cortez and secluded beaches, nooks, and crannies. It was a drive that will never get old. Can you imagine the beauty of this section of coastline by sailboat? The possibilities would simply be endless, from here all the way down to the East Cape and Cabo Pulmo, our furthest destination south.

While we had more beach camping and diving on our mind we really needed to take care of some maintenance on the bikes and ourselves after camping for the last 1-2 weeks. Taking advantage of a connection we made in Guerro Negro, we decided to stop in La Paz for a few days. It was a much needed vacation from our vacation. We took numerous hot showers, poo’d in real toilets, and soaked in as much A/C as humanly possible. We performed oil changes, air filter cleans, laundered our clothes, and got caught up on editing photos. Heck we even arranged our temporary important permits for Mainland Mexico! It wasn’t all “adulting” though, we still enjoyed a good night out on the malecon, ate great food, and went snorkeling with our new friends Frieda and Lee we met at the AutoZone.



Baja Part 4: Bahia Concepcion

Leaving Guerro Negro we were bound for one of our favorite places in the Baja, Bahia Concepcion! From last year’s trial run we knew exactly what to expect…delicious tacos, tasty margaritas, phenomenal beach camping, and great people.

There was one stop that we wanted to make along the drive down, San Ignacio. This little town sits in an oasis in the middle of the Baja desert surround by date palms. Finally some shade! We spun into town for lunch, checking out the historic church and some of the local culture. Several families were setting up tributes to their families for Día de Los Muertos.