" November 2016 "


Baja Part 3: Punta San Francisquito

Waking up groggy and a bit exhausted from all the Pacificos and a full liter of Tequila, we were ready to leave Bahia de Los Angeles and head south. Our new friend, Simone, suggested that we take the road less traveled from Bahia de Los Angeles to Punta San Francisquito. It wasn’t the first time we had heard about San Francisquito, but had chosen to avoid it in prior years due to story after story of flat tires. Against our better judgement, we agreed and meandered our way through town onto hard packed gravel roads.

The road meandered on like this for some 70-80 kilometers providing beautiful panoramas of the Sea Cortez. Besides the bone rattling wash-boards it wasn’t that bad. Well that is until we hit deep sand! Kilometers upon kilometers of deep motorcycle demolishing sand!



Baja Part 2: Bahia de Los Angeles

Our original plan was to stay for two nights in Parque Nacional San Pedro Martir, but after freezing our nipples off and barely getting any sleep we knew where we needed to be…The Sea of Cortez! We had hoped to visit the observatory while at the Park but we could never quite figure out the logistics, kind of a shit show.  Anyway, we decided to stay at Don Eddy’s again before making the long trek across the desert from the Pacific to the Sea of Cortez aiming for Bahia de Los Angeles. The first half of the ride was boring and desolate, while the second half (once dropping into Chipala) was beautiful with huge cactus dominating the landscape backed by the silhouette of mountains.

As the sun began to set, we raced closer and closer towards the Sea of Cortez. With each turn, we dropped in altitude and could see more and more of the sea.  Making the final descent into the Sea of Cortez, we had finally arrived!



Baja Part 1: The Border Crossing, Ensenada, and San Pedro Martir

This isn’t our first journey through The Baja, however, we knew there were many adventures a head of us. No great overland motorcycle trip can be complete without a jaunt down the legendary Baja peninsula. The tacos, the untouched beaches, and the locals have a contagious power over you that is hard to describe. However, before we could make it to Baja we first had to make it out of Arizona and diagnose Mitch’s overheating bike.

We stumbled into Phoenix under the cover of darkness with El Tractor kicking, screaming, and calling Mitch all the bad names. After safely pulling into our friend’s place, Biegs, we had a couple drinks and prepared for the next day’s adventure.

Underneath the broiling Arizona sun, we first checked the radiator fan, which appeared to be mechanically fine. However, it wasn’t firing up when the bike was warmed up. This is a problem! Mitch, having dealt with similar issues with El Tractor before, had a pretty good idea as to what the issue was. Removing all side panels and the gas tank, Mitch inspected the fuse that sits directly behind the radiator. Eureka! The tiniest of hairline cracks. With a new fuse installed the bike was reassembled and topped off with some refreshing coolant. Crisis diverted!!



Overland Motorcycle Trip: The Southwest United States Part 2

Waking up early, we mounted our steads and headed towards Wire Pass on HWY 89 to continue our overland motorcycle trip. We were looking for House Rock Valley road. Should be easy, right? Nope, we blew past it! Hanging a u-turn in the middle of the road, our first long haul on dirt started off on hard packed gravel road and we proceeded quickly with confidence until we came around a corner to the sight of a big, deep, sandy, wash. Oh fuck! We stopped and assessed the situation geez there’s a lot of sand down there we thought. Do we go back and around the long way or just go for it? After some deliberation, Mitch said fuck it and got his throttle hand ready. Justin smartly walked across the wash to gain a good vantage point for some photos if/when some shit went down. Switching into 1st gear, Mitch gave El Tractor everything she had and was almost immediately off course! The front wheel gripped the sand and was pulled deeper and deeper into the grainy abyss. Before you could count to 3, Mitch was down and so was El Tractor! (more…)