" October 2016 "


Overland Motorcycle Trip: The Southwest United States Part 1

Mitch had finished work on Friday, October 7 and the Team was ready to ROCK! La Torguga y El Tractor were licking their chops in the garage, yearning for the open road and for their overland motorcycle trip to really start. There were only a few small items to tie up and the Boys would be ready to hit the road early Sunday AM! Saturday was another day in the garage w/ Ben, making final preparations to the bike. Justin flushed his brakes and adjusted his pre-load while Mitch had to completely strip down EL TRACTOR to install some new, sweet, heated handle bars. After the garage, the fellas wandered over to the local watering hole (Vine Street) for a final beer with their Pit Crew Captain, Ben. The beers flowed and the discussion meandered….

FUCK!!!!!!! Mitch had a moment of clarity (about 3 beers in) and realized he had not yet received his Debit Card, despite his bank promising an overnight delivery the previous Tuesday. GOD BLESS! The Team was now 99.99% ready. That debit card meant a lot to the trip, it allowed Mitch to not pay ANY ATM fees the whole trip. Imagine, if you will, how this would severely cut into the taco fund! Sunday came and went, all the Boys could do was kneel in the living room and pray to the FedEx gods.

The extra day actually became beneficial as we wrapped up loose ends. Would we be here a day, a week? It was getting cold and we needed to get get south! In between packing and making breakfast every time one of us walked past the front door we did a FedEx mating call hoping the stork would deliver. Our cutoff for a Monday departure was approximately 2:30 – 3:00 PM as we were trying to make it 158 miles to a cabin outside Salida (thanks Ken!). At around noon, Justin and Tyler were taking Tina’s car to the shop. For some reason as we left the house all three gentlemen walked out together. Maybe it was intuition? The FedEx man steps out of the truck shocked by the site of three grown men doing backflips. It was game on, the card had arrived!!



Overland Motorcycle Trip: ALLLLL the Preparations

Countless hours have been spent scouring google leading to a black hole of blogs and Instagram pages. Overland travel comes in many different forms. Some people choose bicycles or the classic VW Vanagon or Land Cruiser. There is no right answer. Every mode of transport is so conditional depending on the journey ahead and the level of comfort and adventure being sought after. For this adventure we’ve chosen an overland motorcycle journey! Would it have been nice to have a roof over our head and a van stocked with surfboards, fishing gear, and bikes…sure, but being out in the elements soaking in the smells and senses seems like the only way to truly experience it.

We are far from experts but both have an INTENSE desire to learn what makes these lady’s tick. Both of us have owned our bikes and been riding for approximately three years, only doing one big trip previous, which was to Baja, Mexico. For intros to the team see the About Section. (more…)