" November 2015 "


Samoa: A week in the South Pacific

Depending on your geographic intelligence you may have never heard of the country of Samoa, yet alone, have the faintest clue as to its whereabouts. If you’ve never heard of the country the word Samoa my simply bring to mind the chocolate & caramel tasty treat of a Girl-Scout cookie…unless you are one of those odd people that knew them as Caramel Delights, but I’ll save that for another argument.

Samoa is a tropical paradise set in Polynesia, South Pacific. If you are a surfer you’ve probably heard and dreamt of the waves you’ve seen in videos and magazines over the years. The country consists of approx. 194,000 people, with Upolo and Savai’i being the two largest and most populated islands. Getting here from the U.S., would have been an utter nightmare even if one had the money to plunk down $2,000+ for the airfare. Since I had been living in New Zealand I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to hop on over since the flight was cheap and a mere 4-hours.