" August 2014 "


Mt. Massive Hike

Prior to diving into the Mt. Massive hike I wanted to provide a quick introduction. This is a new territory for myself – sharing. Yeah I know – weird huh? A virgin to all social media services, I never had any desire to be part of the Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Snapchat experience. Not that I am a hipster who thought himself above or better than the individuals who connect or use these services. I understand their purpose – I get it. However it’s not who I am. I lack that emotional connection to want to share or be shared personal stories. Not that I don’t care about friends or acquaintances, I just don’t care enough to read, write, or post. With our South American trip looming Nate wanted us to begin writing about our experiences, to provide a portal to our future travels. I cannot promise that I will start narrating 140 word updates about the pork belly tacos I had on Tuesday night nor will I fill this blog with useful anecdote during our excursions. No promises, just an attempt to finally share and be shared.

With out much further ado…Mt. Massive